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A little bit of history
My first experience programming was discovering QBASIC on a retro MS-DOS system I had when I was around ten years old. My first program was a simple quiz game and it became the beginning of now over a decade of programming in my life. I spent most of the time between high school and university teaching myself VB (then C# through college) .NET development and basic web development with HTML and CSS.

I originally came to university to study Computer Science. I came to love programming in C++ and using it to develop interactive programs. Seeing and experiencing the fruits of my labour became one of my main motivations for studying. To that end, I eventually switched courses to Computer Games Development to pursue programming for creating interactive art such as games.

And here I am now!
Personal interests and passions (besides programming)
Computer technology
I enjoy discussing and keeping up-to-date with the latest technology news, mainly involving PC and embedded hardware

Every now and then, I enjoy spending a few hours playing around with electronics with a Raspberry Pi or an Ardunio Uno.

Science fiction
Sci-fi series such as Star Trek are what I enjoy watching the most. The genre has inspired a few of my personal projects.

They (and rays, skates and chimaeras) are my favourite animals. I think they are very beautiful and generally misunderstood creatures.

Outdoors & photography
When I get the chance, I usually combine these two activities for a good walk and camera practise.

My taste is fairly widespread (I enjoy things from Passenger to Slayer), although heavy and thrash metal are my favourite genres. I especially love Metallica.

Naval ships
I am quite the naval buff, with a special liking towards aircraft carriers. I mostly see them as a magnificent technological feat.
My blog
I have a WordPress blog where I document some project updates and experiences with university. Feel free to take a look!
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