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A bit of history
My first experience programming was discovering QBASIC on my old computer running MS-DOS when I was around 10 years old. My first creation was only a simple quiz game constructed with a series of conditional statements, but my desire to create had ignited! Moving through high school saw me practising more to escape from my less-than-happy experience in school, and upgrades in the machines I had brought me on to .NET WinForms with Visual Basic. I spend my Year 10 and 11 days building more modern and spartan programs such my own interfaces around .NET's WebBrowser control and a predictive command line interface that helps users do administrative things with the PC by suggesting commands based on how often they are used, the complexity of their operation, and how 'dangerous' they are in the wrong hands. The same period also saw me diving into HTML-ing and CSS-ing from scratch web development after developing a distaste for WYSIWYG programs such as Dreamweaver in coursework. In sixth form, I moved on to using C# and Python.

In 2015, I came to University to study Computer Science with an interest in either going full programming, delving into CPU architecture, or doing web development. In my foundation year, I really loved programming in C++ and using it to develop interactive programs for the courseworks given that year. Seeing and experiencing the fruits of my labour became one of my main motivations for studying and continuous improvement, and I was able to achieve all firsts/distinctions in my programming-related modules. Thanks to these motivations, I switched to Computer Games Development just before first year and by the end of second year, I learned this was the right choice! The biggest coursework that year was developing a Unity game in a team of five, which eventually became "Project FallingStar" in my Portfolio. Being team leader with interested in physics and it being a space game, I developed simulated gravity (inspired by the feel of Kerbal Space Program's implementation) that adhered to Newton's law of universal gravitation and desired realism in our aesthetics. Seeing the result in what seemed like our own little universe was profound, and I knew exactly what I wanted to do in my spare time and for a living! And through this, I have continuously improved my web development skills to the point of competence in developing dynamic websites with PHP and MySQL backends.

And well, here I am now - physics programmer and web developer Khalid Ali at your service! I have some cool personal projects I am doing or looking to do, and I am due to begin my third-year dissertation of developing a physics-based game that utilises the principles of relativity!
Personal interests and passions (besides programming)
Computer technology
I enjoy discussing and keeping up-to-date with the latest technology news, mainly involving PC and embedded hardware

Every now and then, I enjoy spending a few hours playing around with electronics with a Raspberry Pi or an Ardunio Uno.

Science fiction
Sci-fi series such as Star Trek, Stargate, Babylon 5, and The Expanse are what I enjoy watching the most. The genre has inspired a few of my personal projects.

They (and rays, skates and chimaeras) are my favourite animals. I think they are very beautiful and generally misunderstood creatures, and I donate to causes protecting (such as Bite-Back) them when possible.

The Final Frontier is the dominant topic in my reading collection, my YouTube history, and my bedroom wall! Where possible, I try self-studying theoretical astrophysics - which is due to be apart of my third year dissertation!

Outdoors & photography
When I get the chance, I usually combine these two activities for a good walk and camera practise.

My taste is fairly widespread (I enjoy things from Passenger to Slayer), although heavy and thrash metal are my favourite genres. I especially love Metallica.

Naval ships
I am quite the naval buff, with a special liking towards aircraft carriers of the United States Navy and the Royal Navy. I mostly see them as a magnificent technological feat.