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10th to 13th August 2018: Ludum Dare 42nd Game Jam
I was apart of a team taking part in Ludum Dare 42, which consisted of myself and three over University of South Wales Computer Games Development students. With the set theme of "running out of space", we developed a sea-based rescue and resource management game where you operate a cargo ship with limited space racing to rescue as many as possible with the limited resources you have, whilst dealing with pirate operations and charity donations so you can purchase more resources ("Refugee Rescue!" on my Portfolio page).

13th to 16th July 2018: Brains Eden Gaming Festival, Cambridge
I led the University of South Wales' team to the game jam @ Brains Eden Gaming Festival, which was held at Anglia Ruskin University. With the set theme of "unreliable", five of us developed a Western-style multiplayer game where you play as monkeys fighting over a barrel of bananas ("Fistful of 'Nanas" on my Portfolio page). We tried to innovate with a social game, where all players do not know which monkeys the other players are (but you can use the +/- button on the Joy-Cons to vibrate a pattern to tell you your player number). You can use the analog stick to 'nudge' one of the other four players to attempt basic communication or confuse them - you can attempt to form alliances or block other players from creating them.
September 2018 to present: Student Voice Representative @ USW
I am one of two elected Student Voice Representatives for the School of Computing & Mathematics, which is a step above my previous course representative position where I now liaison between course reps and higher in the Student Voice Team, and sit on USW Faculty-level committees for quality assurance.

November 2017 to June 2018: Course Representative @ USW
I helped represent the students of my University course by being here to help them with their queries and raise their concerns with the course leadership or those higher in the student voice hierarchy. I attended three assemblies for the academic year to convene with other course representations across the University to voice the general student opinion and academic problems being experienced.

September 2017 onwards: Co-founder & President of USW Programming Society
I helped found the USW Programming Society with two friends to create a society for anyone with an interest in programming to socialise in, work together in, and help eachother in. We spent academic year 2017-2018 setting up the society and working on our ideas, and we hope to go all in for 2018-2019!
June 2016: Volunteering at Games Wales
I assisted with setting up and helping guests at the Wales Games Development Show 2016. During the event, I also got access to speak to a wide range of guests from local game developers to Unity representatives!