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"Project FallingStar"



"Project FallingStar" is a five-man group project to build a game for a university module. The brief premise of the game is that you assemble modular space probes that are used to protect Earth from asteroids and explore the solar system for new materials to improve said probes. We started development in October 2017.

My roles


The original game idea was worked out by myself and selected after a group discussion. When we began the project, explaining my idea and helping the team get to grips with it occured naturally. I became the defacto team leader and I have since done my best to keep our progress flowing smoothly, coordinating our code branches and tasks, taking responsibility for any mishaps, and chairing any meetings we have.

Physics programmer

Most of my tasks in the group have been towards physics implementation. My biggest developments are a quasi-realisitic gravity model implementation (based on Newton's Law of Gravitation) that the rest of the game is built on, and an atmospheric interaction simulation which attempts to mimic certain realisitc effects of an object entering the atmosphere of a planet (burning up on uncontrolled entry, effects of atmospheric drag, etc).

AI programmer

I designed a form of artificial intelligence for NPC ships. It operates by using a queue-like structure to enqueue, dequeue, and sort events (for which there are multiple types; travel to planet, follow player, stay still etc.) the ships are tasks with to make them appear to be undertaking small missions.

3D modeller

I have also taken up some 3D modelling to aid the development on important assets such as the player's probes and metallic scenery (mostly spacestations) to make the solar system more interesting.