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Fistful of 'Nanas

"Fistful of 'Nanas" is a Western-style multiplayer cloak and dagger game using the Unity engine that four fellow USW students and myself created as part of the Brains Eden Gaming Festival!
Opening screen
Duel aftermath
Dev tools
Looking-Glass/JoyconLib @ GitHub
The game
Fistful of 'Nanas is a mutliplayer game that allows four people to play as monkeys fighting over a barral of bananas in a Western-style duel.

Using Joy-Cons
Using Joy-Cons from the Nintendo Switch is central to the game's play. We wanted to innovate a social game that relies on vibrating nudging as a means to communicate, whilst the possibility of human unreliability lingers. To identify your character on screen, you can use the +/- button to vibrate in intervals your player number as well as highlight yourself on screen. Because we could not justify purchasing a Nintendo development kit for use with the festival, we simply used a third-party library (referenced above in "Dev tools") to allow Unity to use the Joy-Cons on PC via Bluetooth. If hypothetically we released this, it would indeed be a Nintendo Switch game.

Communicating via vibration
Once you have identified yourself, you can then use the controller's analog stick to 'nudge' one of the three other players (numbers correspond to four of the directions in a clockwise fashion) to attempt basic communication, planning, or confusion with. The theory is that you can attempt a few types of communication with vibration, such as grabbing the attention of a player via vibration where they look up to see who is trying to communicate, or you can outright spam to confuse - bringing human unreliability into this. If you wanted to, you can even attempt morse code! We hoped it would be fun for players to attempt to get to grips with exploring how they can communicate. Ultimately, communicating can be good for forging alliances in the first two rounds so you can eliminate the others with/without backstabbing.
My contributions
Team leadership
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Character modelling
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Animation control
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