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KAubersnek Browser

KAubersnek is a Gecko-based web browser. I originally started development with the intention to develop the browser as a developer-focused suite that would eventually incorporate tools to allow non-WYSIWYG web development on it in order to speed up the development of my own websites and perhaps serve as an open tool for anyone to learn HTML and CSS coding. In its present condition, the browser is a Chrome-inspired GeckoFX component GUI. I plan to build the developer features in the future.
GitHub Repo
Main menu
History manager
Network information display
Browser options
Source viewer
GeckoFX45 64 (link): Gecko wrapper for WinForms applications
EasyTabs (link): tab rendering library
Ookii.Dialogs (link): Vista-style file dialog library
EasyScintilla (link): Scintilla text editor wrapper for WinForms applications
Silk Icons (link): main icon set