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My Skills

Software/Games: C/C++

I have C++ experience with both object-orientated and functional programming. I have mainly used C++ inside Microsoft Visual Studio for text-based games, algorithmic solutions, and data structure implementations. But I also have basic experience with C++ inside Unreal Engine. I can also adapt to just C or C/C++ in a Linux environment if required.

Software/Games: Event-Driven C#/VB.NET

I have experience using C# for either .NET development or Unity scripting. In .NET, I have built WinForms applications from the ground up, but I also have experience learning and adapting to use third-party components when needed - examples include component suites like DevComponent's DotNetBar (a suite of advanced Microsoft-imitating style/layout components) and containers around non-dotNET objects such as GeckoFX (a .NET wrapper around Mozilla Firefox's rendering engine). I can also work with WinForms in Visual Basic.NET too. In Unity, I have used C# to power simulations of physics such as planetary gravity and player controls in games.

Software/Games: Python

Whilst I do not use Python as much as C-family languages, I do have experience with creating programs in Pythons. I have developed text-based games and a basic web server in Python. I am currently learning to create graphical games with the Pygame modules.

Web Development: HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript

I have worked on building websites from the ground up in most aspects. I have experience with markup and style coding that is up to HTML5 and CSS3 standard respectively. I have growing experience with dealing with PHP (coupled with MySQL) and JavaScript to make websites more feature rich and dynamic.

Database: SQL

I have had basic experience with SQL database creation, manipulation and application. I predominantly deal with MySQL for creating dynamic database-powered webpages. I have used Microsoft SQL with ASP.NET for a similar purpose too, although I only have very limited experience with Microsoft SQL implementations over than just Microsoft Access.