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Skills & Experience

Game Development
I have recently spent eight months developing a space-based 3D game with Unity for a university module that is focused on building team interaction and source control usage. During that time, I helped co-ordinate the 5-person group effort, design 3D models, and developed spatial physics (gravity and ship-atmosphere interactions) systems in C#. After that concluded, I embarked on developing another long-term space game project in Unity that will be a not-for-profit Star Trek fan game.

Through university studies, I have worked on several smaller (mostly text based) games to demonstrate my ability to implement a multitude of games concepts in C++. I also have some experience with using Unreal Engine with Blueprint, Pygame for Python, and Stencyl with Haxe.
Software Development
I have extensive experience developing both graphical and command line software, working happily with object-orientated and functional programming paradigms as needed. Thanks to three academic years of C++ training in university, I have been able practise implementing various data structures and algorithmic solutions in C++. I have numerous examples hosted on my GitHub profile.

Since before studying my degree, I have developed C#/.NET applications in both WinForms and WPF flavours. I have mainly built software in .NET from the ground up, but I also have experience learning and adapting to use third-party components when needed. Examples include component suites like DevComponents DotNetBar and containers around non-.NET objects such as GeckoFX.
Web Development
I have worked on building websites from the ground up - both front and backend. I can design website markup and styling up to the latest standards of HTML5 and CSS3, and I am well versed in using PHP and MySQL together to construct a dynamic database-powered based backend for websites. My main example and largest website work is my Star Trek fansite, which I regularly write updates about on my blog and occassionally describe how I have implemented certain upgrades like changes to the website's interaction with its database.
Microsoft Visual Studio
Most of my programming experience with C++, C#, and VB.NET is within Visual Studio. I can make use of Visual Studio's functionality efficiently and use its debugger to troubleshoot code effectively. I also frequently use Visual Studio Code and it is my go-to editor for web development and Python work.

Most of my experience developing games is from within Unity. I have two years worth of experience using Unity and some of my most recent projects whilst in university have been 3D games in Unity.

My primary choice of source control system and collaboratory tool. I primarily use command line Git, but I have used GUIs like SourceTree and GitHub Desktop before.

I have dealt with phpMyAdmin for MySQL administration throughout the development of my main website project. I can use GUI or SQL code for database manipulation.

Adobe Photoshop
I can use Photoshop for 2D asset creation for creating graphics or GUI elements, and image/photo manipulation.

3DS Max
I have growing experience producing 3D models for game assets thanks to my university's graphics study module. I am also starting to use it in my personl projects as well.