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The Assembly

"The Assembly" is my current major game development project to develop a Star Trek-based fangame based around a fictional species, the Tholians. The game is to be a cultural simulator that will allow the player to experience different parts of the Tholian's society in space, in ships, and on several planets. I began planning the game around March 2018, and have since started development in my spare time and have been posting several updates on my blog. Due to fair use, the game (if I decide to release it) will be distributed for free.
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Early space weapons test
Drydock and lighting effects test
Early ship models
Tholian fly concept drawing
Plot details
Tholian lore
The Tholians are a crystalline species from Star Trek that have only had two on-screen appearances and a fairly prominent role in the MMORPG Star Trek Online. The game is based in the year 2415, where the Tholians are struggling for survival against vicious would-be conquerors - the Klingons. The Tholians operate in ant-like colonial and hierarchical society.

What you do
You experience and help run Tholian society. You play through the eyes of a Tholian in their hierarchical society, receiving orders from leader Tholians (similar to queens) to help the Tholian people explore, expand, and survive. You will be given missions to complete in space and on planetary surfaces. Your basic mission profiles are exploration, medical aid, trade negotiating, infrastructure development, and war fighting.
Milestones achieved/in progress
1) Lore development
The first thing I did was write an extensive lore sheet. Since this game is to be a cultural demonstration, I wanted to make sure that I have all the lore I need to tell the Tholian's story ironed out. I have based a lot of the lore on actual Star Trek canon, but I have also added many details myself to complete the 'picture'. At 13,000 words and climbing, the lore documentation is still subject to change.
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2) Feature planning

3) Space development
This project is not endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with CBS Studios Inc., Paramount Pictures Inc. or Cryptic Studios/Perfect World Entertainment, or any other person or company that has a license to use and/or create with the brand name "Star Trek" and its related and copyrighted content. The Assembly is a non-profit game project and any copyrighted material has been included under the legally acknowledged terms of "fair use". No copyright infringement is intended.